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The process of obtaining a bail bond

When your loved one calls you from jail, you’ll have to take a few important steps to secure their release.

First, you need to obtain a list of the approved bond companies in that specific county. You can do this by searching online, looking through telephone directories, or asking the jail for a list of approved bail bond companies.

Obtaining bail bonds for loved ones

Next, you need to call the bondsman and explain your relationship and the circumstances of the person currently incarcerated. You’ll need to provide any information requested by the bondsman to guarantee credibility.

The bondsman you have chosen will then contact the jail to obtain the booking information. The next step for you is to meet with the bondsman to complete a few administrative forms.

To ensure this process moves seamlessly, you should make sure you have a driver’s license or identification card with you during the meeting. It is helpful to also have utility bills, payroll receipts, and contact information for immediate relatives.

Bail bonds release process

After the forms are completed, the bond fee will be provided. The surety bond form can then be taken to the jail. Each jail in the State of Texas requires an additional $15 fee per Class B misdemeanor or above, up to two criminal charges. Therefore, exact cash or a money order will be needed to accompany the surety bond when it is given to the booking department. The defendant will be released from jail approximately 20 – 40 minutes following the delivery of the papers. Once released, the defendant will need to meet with the bondsman to discuss the reporting regulations. Weekly telephonic communications are the norm, which means updated contact information is imperative.

The defendant will be notified by the presiding court, via mail, of the initial court date. It may be months before the first court date and several months before the case is resolved. The financial liability for the surety bond does not cease until the prosecuting attorney or court has determined the case is closed.